Nature and Wellbeing Resources

We have put together a number of free nature and wellbeing resources for you to download. 

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Nesting birds

Learn more about birds and their nests, including practical ways to help.


Maps: get to know your local area

Activities using maps to explore your local area.

Maps front

Mindful writing

A workshop exploring the world through writing.


Festive decorations

Go for a walk and collect some natural material to make decorations or make a traditional pomander. 


Colour in winter

Even in winter there is lots of colour around but some animals respond by changing their colour


Open a bird cafe in your garden!

Here are some handy hints on how to feed the birds in your garden or patio.  

Bird cafe

Autumn in the garden

There is plenty to do in the garden at this time of year to keep you healthy and active as well as helping wildlife.


Places to visit in Hounslow

Here are some ideas of places to visit during lockdown in Hounslow. We've included an autumn activity too.

Places to visit

Planting spring bulbs

Learn how to plant spring bulbs, and how they bring hope in the dark winter months.

spring bulbs



There is so much more to walnuts. Read how they can benefit your health and our activity suggestions.

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Autumn colours

Celebrate the colours of autumn with us, and get artistic. Read more


 Cloud Week

Spend time each day investigating clouds. There are seven suggestions of how you can use your time in nature to learn about these everchanging features. Read more

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Gardening activites - thinking about plants

Get your hand dirty and do some gardening. There eight different garden related activities here. You don't need a garden to take part.


 Bees and how we can help them

Learn how we can help bees and how to identify the different types of bees that you might come acoss in your garden.


 The art of plants

Take a close look at plants investigate the structure of plants and see how artists have used them in their art. There are ideas for activities and links to some art work

Poster for plants as art

 Rose Flower

We have been inspired by the roses in early blossom because of the fine weather this spring. We challenged the members of one of our projects to write a poem by each contributing a line of verse. We put it together and another member of the group set the words to music. You can hear their song and see the photos of roses that they each contributed here.

Rose flower front page


Trees in folklore and tradition

Trees play an important and facinating role in many cultures, many species have traditional folklore attached to them and there are plenty of examples of the cultures who believe in the spiritual value of trees. Wishing trees are trees that are chosen as an object to make wishes and can be found in many countries. Learn more and help us make a wishing tree.


 Trees in contemplation

A further exploration of the role that trees play in our lives. This time we look at their role in history and as objects of contemplation. Take a look here.

Trees Week 2

 Great Trees of London

After the storm of 1987 Londoners were asked to nominate the Great Trees that had survived. Today there are 54 trees across London. Find out more about them and explore the street trees in your neighbourhood.

Great Trees of London title


  Verical Gardens

Verical gardens

Learn about vertical gardens and their benefits and see some photos of the living wall constructed by one of the volunteer Nature Buddies. See more here

Butterflies and caterpillars

Learn more about caterpillars and where they live, what they like to eat and how to attract them to your garden or windowsill.


Wonderful wildflowers

Learn more about the wild flowers that you can find in parks and in your garden. 

Wild flowers page 1

 Grow a curry

Ideas for growing plants from your fridge and store cupboard. 



Learn how to make a butterfly feeder.




Learn how to identify spiders from their webs and visit an exhibiton celebrating the art of the spider.

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Autumn traditions

Autumn is just around the corner, this resource looks at autumn traditions and has ideas for making corn dollies from around the world.


Fungi and mushrooms

There is a whole world of mushrooms and fungi waiting to be discovered here.

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Pumpkins and blackberries

Read about the traditions associated with pumpkins and blackberries and learn how to make blackberry vinegar.

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 Tree bark

Tree bark can be decorative but it is also a habitat and has many uses. Learn more here.

Tree bark front page

 Autumn traditions around the world

Learn how other countries celebrate autumn.