Our Vision

Our aim is to use green spaces and nature to support and enhance the lives of our communities. Our vision is to introduce people living in an urban, built up environment to their local natural green spaces through outdoor learning activities. By promoting learning outdoors, we aim to show the benefits that the natural environment can bring to improved health and wellbeing.

Local parks and open spaces are a great place to bring people together, to learn and socialise. We encourage environmental stewardship in all our projects. 

We do this by:

  • Introducing people living in an urban and built-up environment to the natural environment around them,
  • Bringing people who are socially isolated together to make new friends,
  • Showing the benefits that spending time outdoors offers,
  • Encouraging participants to feel part of the wider community,
  • Breaking down barriers for people who might not normally access parks to come together in a safe space,
  • Encouraging everyone to learn about nature / the natural environment.
  • Encouraging learning including new skills.

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