River Crane Smarter Water Catchment

Working in partnership with the community to improve the Crane Valley in London Boroughs of Harrow, Ealing, Hillingdon, Hounslow and Richmond.

The Crane Smarter Water Catchment approach is being piloted by Thames Water, the Crane Valley Partnership and other key stakeholders as a collaborative way of addressing the challenges and opportunities that the rivers and green spaces face. The Crane is the first urban river system in the Thames region to be considered in this way. 

Let's Go Outside and Learn are working with partners Habitats & Heritage to develop the theme of public awareness and participation with the aim of encouraging more local people to take an active interest in the River Crane, it's green spaces and to nurture community stewardship. We are working collaboratively with programme themes - access, enhance flood resistance, improve water quality, improve geomorphology (river form) and enhance biodiversity (wildlife and their habitats).

More information about the programme can be found in our document:

Do you know that you are part of something big?

For more information about the initiative please see the Crane Valley Partnership's webpages https://www.cranevalley.org.uk/smarter-water-catchments/

We have developed a booklet to help local people to explore the Crane River Corridor in 12 different ways - one for each month of the year.

12 things to do in the Crane Valley

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