Curriculum Linked Modules

Let’s Go Outside and Learn

Muddy Footprint Challenge

We can provide lunch time or after school Environment Clubs structured to use the Muddy Footprint Challenge.

Schools can choose topics from our menu of outdoor learning modules.

Module 1

Amazing Mini Beasts

Under the Magnifying Glass

Colour – Shape – Texture

Buzz around – world of bees

Honey it’s me

Web spinners

Solid, liquid, gas

Water for life

Bubble Fun

Under the water – life in a river habitat

Module 2

Wriggly worms

Digging up 

A home for a pet

Magic is in the air – cloud formations

Air & Wind

How do feathers work

Listen to my song

North, South, East, West

Mapping the outdoors

Module 3

See the sea

Dip in the river

Incredible eels

Water Vole detectives

Food chains

Life cycles

Where in the world

Sustainable travel

Module 4

The 4 seasons

Nocturnal creatures

Bats in the belfry

Hedgehogs habitats & habits

Larks in the dark

Owl magic

Make sense of that

Seeds and pods

Potato clocks

Long ago – memory lane

Module 5

My amazing body

How I move outdoors

Outdoor Games

Outdoor creativity

We are what we eat

Where does my poo go?

Growing for health

Reducing waste

A load of rubbish

Recycle that

Module 6

Planets, Moon, Stars

Time & Space


Crystal Magic

Rocks & Fossils

Magnetic attraction

How to make paper – recycle

Floating & Sinking

Welly Good planting


Module 7

Properties of a plant

The leaves on the tree

Dead wood – life cycles

Shelter & Shade

Sticks & Stones

Changing Landscapes

Where in the world

Outdoor Games

Outdoor creativity


 Muddy Footprints